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Hey Guys,

1) Did anyone wonder if the pale white horse was controlled by Bran, coming to help his sister? 2) People were wondering if Cersei was preggers, but I wondered more if the dragons laid eggs at some point.

I’d also add the modifications to the writing to make some sense of this episode. What if…

Yara comes with a few ships for support – not much, but attempting to help. Euron’s fleet uses the scorpion bolts as weapons against the other ships which slows down the reload times and are less prepared for Drogon.

Danny and Drogon dive bomb almost vertically, to stay out of reach of the initial shots, with a few more scenes showing the Danny and Drogon dodging bolts (only seemed like a couple of shots went off)

Having taken out the fleet, ships burning behind them with a couple of people (including Euron) clinging to flotsam, to Danny sets aim for King’s Landing.

Danny and Drogon are able to take out a few scorpions on the wall with some of the same moves, but the scorpions are able to pivot and get a few shots off – some landing inside the City walls and doing collateral damage.

Drogon has minor wounds but has managed to evade most of the bolts. This leaves only a couple scorpions on the red keep that give Cersei enough time to go for cover in the cellars.

Meanwhile, a handful of Ironborn and Euron wash ashore. Euron sends all but a couple of remaining troops to try and attack from the rear of the invading army. He takes a few men with him to help protect the queen, heading for the secret entrance that only a few know about.

Euron makes it through the secret entrance and to the Red Keep to find Cersei, but Jaime has also made it there right afterward, warning everyone of the impending collapse.

Euron should try to escape with everyone, but can’t wait to eliminate Jaime (still seeing him as a threat keeping him from Cersei) and he provokes a fight despite the imminent collapse, delaying their retreat.

Reluctantly fighting Euron, Jaime fights off a couple of Ironborn foot soldiers, but Euron is there to fatally wound a weakened Jamie.

Cersei realizes she doesn’t want to lose Jaime and helps distract Euron long enough for Jaime to kill him.

They set off to try and escape, but Jaime is wounded and is slow moving… It’s too late, and the cellars are collapsing.

It’s a better way to get the 2 characters together and have a fight, without it being as transparent as having “perfect timing” along a beach. The same storyline, just a few different scenes to get us there with more finesse.

Ryan from San Diego

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