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No legacy is so rich as truth- Shakespeare
Ashley you said on air that you’d be happy to have me read your dissertation. I sent you my address, but weeks have passed and no dissertation. There’s your legacy. As for Westworld, I find it to be beautifully stylized nonsense. It was so saturated with fantasy that I thought it was enjoyable as a comedy. Of course, it took itself so seriously and profound and podcasts followed along trying to put the pieces into a coherent jig-saw puzzle. But, the pieces didn’t fit into a coherent picture. I watched the 1972 Chinatown and marveled at the skill of a complex story fully realized. The current ethos seems to be “just dazzle them with bullshit.” And I stopped listening to your cast about the time of the Serac pronunciation nonsense. “Copious amounts of time in France” indeed. Long live Suck Professor and Coffee Klatch Crew. Both lack all pretentiousness. And Christina has the most beautiful voice! Adios.

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