True Detectives 3, Mother & Daughter/ Hoyt Boss Connection

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Hey Guys,

Ill keep this to the point cuz I know you guys get dozens & dozens of emails about movies & shows (BTW listen to all the shat stuff and its great keep it up, first time writing in yada yada) soo
I ran a theory over with my buddy and it blew his mind grapes and it’s so simple :

We know Lucy recently went ape shit on Amelia, claiming she’s got a whore soul and that’s she’s made terrible choices… we also know she slept with her Boss/CEO Mr. Hoyt.

So, what if this is all as simple as she got pregnant while with Mr. Hoyt and the Purcell daughter is actual a Hoyt. Tom never finds out….
Now this can go in a number of directions…. Lucy, being the slob that she is, could say its Toms, meanwhile try and black mail Mr. Hoyt and squeeze him for some of that sweet Hoyt Food cash! Of course Hoyts not gonna take her shit when he gets confronted by her and needs to “take care of the problem (Julie)”. So he gets his lackeys involved. He Can’t get mixed up with a white trash slum poor lady right?
Before Julie gets abducted or killed or sold ( I’m not sure how this plays out), Julie finds out what happened and that her real Father is Hoyt, all while this is the time that Danny the cousin is staying in the next room. Julie is scared and not sure what to do, knowing her mom is a lunatic… so Danny writes notes and slips them through the drilled hole to comfort her. They can’t talk about this openly.
Then things don’t go as planned for Hoyt, Matthew gets killed instead during the struggle. defending his sister. Julie escapes and heads to her Uncles for safety. Not wanting to go back home ever again.

Now I know there’s a lot of holes in this and it’s not concrete, but I do think that the dots connect Lucy….Hoyt….Julie just not sure how it will play out.
Either way, keep it up and hopefully I’ll hear this as I’m driving back & forth from meetings on the 90 in NYS for work. Love from the B-LO!

Sean Wilson

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