True Detective Season 3

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Dear shatontv,

So as episode 3 concluded, we have even more detail and differences in the character of hays, to any other detective shown prior in this shows 3 seasons.

It is more apparent that Hays feels diminished, as a father, as an elder in his declining physical and mental state, as a detective, and as a man in general. He holds it like a chip on his shoulder, and while his partner detective West is supportive, and clearly on his side, it’s apparent in the conversation with the corporation (president or manager not sure currently) when hays asks for the 700 plus backgrounds into the employees working there. Detective west understands Hays more than any character we have seen this far in, and helps get him the things he wants, though hays is obviously frustrated that in that moment he thinks west and everyone else apparently doesn’t take him seriously, (even though west does). West obviously realizes his partner holds this chip on his shoulder, and is able to act as an intermediary for him in various instances. ( Basically when west asks where the company president is, and says that hays is into hunting, also, is just one way he is helping detective hays adjust to the way society is). Hays doesn’t seem to understand, that even if he deserves credibility and the right to be taken seriously and seen as an equal, it doesn’t just happen like that.

*Hays obviously feels slighted in so many ways, prolly in Vietnam obviously, def. For being African American, as a father by his wife in timeline 2, and as a an ailing father by his son in timeline 3, as a detective, and it ways on him. Its why he understands the Native American Garbage collector, and understands the father who is cast away by society after this horrific incident. He doesn’t understand how some people are able to compartmentalize tragedies, use them as a political advantage, or stepping stone, taking the human factor away from the situation. Because detective Hays absolutely is haunted by this murder, and julie purcell’s abduction every day. Detective West, clearly cares about this case and the factors, but is able to still be political, and have the buddy buddy conversations with others because he understands that iis how he has to be to get anywhere with this, he understands the game. This isn’t about the tragedy, it’s about different characters reacting to a tragedy, how some can move on like it never happened, and even gain promotions from it. How some people like the father, Purcell, can use the tragedy to better his life and gain spirituality from it. How some people like his wife can write about, and pursue it more, almost as if it’s an exciting game for her. . And lastly, how detective hays gets angry frustrated and bitter, (imo rightfully so to a degree), and is haunted by past failures aand decisions, some, clearly may not even have been in his control, and fails to move forward, remaining stuck in timeline 1 & 2, no matter what physically happens, whether he has Alzheimer’s or not, he remains stuck and haunted by his past.

Yes the mystery of what and who did it will be intriguing, but, to this point, for me, it’s this meshing of characters and seeing how different circumstances are playing roles in how they develop, that make this show on par or better than season 1. It’s what will be the driving point to the show, i’m excited to see more, as I connect so well with detective Hays, and find him unlike any character i’ve seen before.

Much like deadwood, and a growing society full of different characters, with so many vast evolutions and outcomes, True Detective Season 3, will hopefully be good for me regardless of the resolution, or wtf moments you didn’t see coming. (Though, admittedly episode 3 had a couple wtf moments that had me on the edge of my seat)

You’re friend and avid listener Kenny Ducammun (shatter formerly known Kenny p)

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