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The solution is simple and right in front of us. The kids were taken by Wayne’s wife Amelia. She was aware of the kids neglect and abuse and decided to do something about it. Remember the scene at night when Wayne speaks to Amelia after the meeting at the community center. A white man in a brown car was waiting for her. Maybe the man who saw the kids with a black and white couple got the sexes mixed up or we assumed it was a black man and white woman. Maybe it was a black woman and white man in a brown car. Amelia was aware that the boy was a loner and picked on. Maybe she and her friend met with the boy to play D&D and talk about his problems. Maybe the sister goes along one day and is given the dolls. So they plan to take them away and something goes wrong and the boy falls and dies. So they have to leave quickly and the sister makes them place the body the way they did because its what she thinks is the right way to do it.

So eventually Wayne find a clue left in the woods. Something that points the finger directly at Amelia. He covers it up and says nothing because he loves her. Then maybe some people die because the investigation goes in the wrong direction. He has the guilt from the deaths, he knows Amelia did it, and maybe he thinks the girl is in a better place. The guilt drives him to drink. Maybe he allows someone to be framed for the murder and kidnapping. He marries Amelia and she writes a book that is completely false, but gains a lot of notoriety for it. He quits being a detective because of the guilt he feels. He starts to drink more. His home life gets bad. The scene at the Walmart where he freaks out is understandable because he is afraid that due to the worsening situation at home his wife will take the kids from him. She’s done it before. It’s why he’s angry when she meets with the cops and goes on investigating. He knows it is complete bullshit because he knows she took the kids. It why he told her about Julie being found. He wanted her to come clean. She doesn’t and he feels more pain and guilt. He knows she is a liar. He get upset when they open the case because he doesn’t want them to find out Amelia did it. There are holes in the case because he created them. He misdirected the investigation and covered up evidence. In 2015 he is having problems because his dementia allowed him to forget what Amelia did. Maybe the interviewers suspect that he did a cover-up. Maybe they know that Amelia was involved. In 1990 he joins Roland’s task force to continue to cover up and misdirect. Maybe, Julie was given to some people and forgotten by Amelia. Maybe Wayne sees that her situation got worse because of Amelia and has even more guilt. Maybe she OD’s and dies. Then Wayne confronts Amelia and she responds in a callous self centered way. An altercation ensues. Maybe she slips and hits her head accidentally, like the boy did, and dies. Maybe Wayne’s daughter sees it and can’t forgive her dad. I think Wayne is haunted by Amelia because of this. He has dementia now and he will rediscover that his wife was the kidnapper in a backwards fashion like Memento. That is the sad story of this season in a nutshell.

Joseph Ochoa

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