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Hey Guys,

So, I’m 60% sure I have it all figured out. First, in 1980 at Wills funeral Hayes and Roland speak to the parents of Tom. They tell them that they always suspected that Will may not have been his biological son, before stopping and saying it wasn’t the time for that. Fast forward to the call, “Julie” is clearly going by a new name, and has been brainwashed by Wills biological father. Their mother set up the plan, but Will resisted. And his death was complete mistake. His sister was told he was left “resting” to keep her from panicking. Woodard was an easy fall man for the “murders” no take there. But! The actual father is well connected and respected, the father was the mothers boss from the grocery store. Who had deep connections, and had the everything covered up. The season will end with Hayes committing suicide after finally finishing the case. His last purpose before he begins to completely deteriorate. The gun was introduced in the very beginning. It’s going to play a role in the ending.


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