To Dany’s Defense

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love your podcast guys, you guys always bring the best to the discussion. I’m writing in to discuss the tactical change in Dany’s approach with Drogon. In episode 4 she approached with carelessness while flying in the middle of the sky. Now, I think it’s horse shit to think that these scorpions could be able to take out a dragon, but here we are; that’s showbiz.

That being said, Dany sees first hand what these scorpions can do when Rhegal was killed in front of her. I’m sure she took back a little info with her when she tucked Drogons tail between her legs and flew away. That can be seen in episode 5 with her completely different approach. She starts out high in the sky behind the clouds so Euron’s fleet has little time to reposition for a clean shot. Once she dodged a couple of shots she goes as low as possible for a bunch of strafing runs. This is smart for two reasons.

1.) She has maximized the amount of time it takes for the scorpions to reposition and get off another shot. She can keep adjusting her height at great cost of the scorpions while destroying the iron fleet pretty easily.

2.) She places herself in between the castle scorpions and the fleet scorpions making the castle scorpions effectively useless because if they try to hit Dany then they have a significantly larger chance of friendly fire on the fleet. After the fleet was cleared up she just had to fly low and close to the castle walls to outmaneuver the slow clunky scorpions.

Thanks again for all you guys do. Can’t wait for the deep dive, small council and final episode.

PS. Fuck Cersei, she deserved a much worse death. (I wanted something more Joffrey-ish)

Larry Hall

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