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THIS is Shat is my source for information and erudition on some things entertainment. I gotta say that E3 was still not my favorite, but y’all’s insights helped me to better process the dramatic shift in scope, and Rog’s deep dive was fucking MVP caliber (to such an extent that I’d honestly give Rog a pass if he wanted to pronounce it “Cabiler”). Seriously, though, I first started listening during the good season of Westworld and I can honestly say that this pod in particular probably did more to enhance my enjoyment of this episode than any previous edition of Shat. Great job.

Having had my interest in the show revived, I couldn’t help but notice the show’s, and this episode in particular’s emphasis on bad legacies. Angela and her adopted children. Angela and Will. #theeralfakesilkspectre and the Comedian. Judd and his father. The senator and his. Lady Trieu and the chicken people. Lady Trieu and Little Trieu. Ozymandias and Lady Trieu. Ozymandias and his fetus pond. I have no fucking clue what the show is telling us about the concept of legacy, but would observe that in each of those relationships, there is some inter-generational tragedy in which, best case scenario 7K killed your ‘rents or you dad tried to rape your mom but they worked through it; and worse case scenario, your clone mom Matrixes war crimes to you while you sleep or your birthday depends on whether Jeremy Irons was in a catch mood or a release mood. (As to the “best case scenarios,” Cal casually telling the kids – who may well have been raised by their biological parents to be Christians – that heaven isn’t real has gotta be the atheist analog to a Christian parent breaking the news that Uncle Judd is, unfortunately, in hell because that’s were the KKK goes when they die. But with waffles.) Not to get too literary, but the one-time English major in me can’t help but note that the failure of this world to show an intact nuclear family calls to mind such works as The Wasteland or one of its inspirations, the myth of the Fisher King. In those works, the rottenness at the core of their worlds manifested in impotence, which in the days before you could steam-punk Jifffy-pop a lake monster into a Ms. Crookshanks meant the end of your line. Tick-tock.

Tinfoil scraps:

– Nothing can blow up Lay Trieu’s vivarium except an atomic bomb = Pavlov’s nuke
– now looking glass has the KKK robe= Pavlov’s got a pointy hat too
– Agnt. Petey is a whitewashed Danny Pudi
– Aside from the company of non-clones, Ozymandias is missing something else: batteries
– Will totally hanged Judd to start a race war in furtherance of some yet-unknown goal of Lady Trieu
– It would be hilarious if Lady Trieu can’t actually clone shit but just up and stole someone else’s baby
– the escape velocity of a fully grown lake fetus seems oddly low
– the senator’s planned kidnapping was staged by Lady Trieu and Co. for maybe the same yet-unknown goal
– I like Trent Reznor’s score, but if you haven’t tried queuing up and playing the Kinghtrider theme during every Sister Night scene your life is worse than it needs to be
– In this universe, Astroglide is apparently a superpower

Your buddy,
Don Sauce

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