Timelines Are Like Onions, Donkey, They Have Layers

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Hey guys,

Just listened to your instachat podcast episode, and I hope I’m not jumping the gun by not waiting for the deep dive to be released, but I noticed a detail in the episode that relates to something you were talking about. Big D was lamenting the fact that the audience might need to keep track of different layers of realities even within the complexities of the altering timelines, now that we’ve been introduced to the cradle. Unfortunately for Big D, I think that’s definitely the case, but I think keeping track of “where” we might be easier than he thinks. In the intro scene of the episode, Delores is testing Bernard for “fidelity”, and I believe this is taking place in the cradle. This particular scene was shot in a wider format, and the cinematography looks like something that would be in a film on the big screen. Most of the rest of the episode is shot like a standard episode of Westworld, in a more full-screen format, how television shows are traditionally presented. The wide format is only used in two other scenes in the episode, you guessed it, both times that Bernard is definitely in the cradle when Elsie put him under.

Could just be a misdirect, but I thought it was interesting, and it might be an elegant way for the show to make different layers of reality easy on the audience.

Love the podcast, you guys are the best in the game.

Zac D

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