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Hey Guys,

So, the Nolan’s wrote Inception. They are intimately aware of how time passes in different “realities”. In one case dreams, but in another, simulations. As we know, AI moves much faster than the human mind by the time Westworld comes around. The whole purpose for the Cradle is to run thousands of simulations of the park. To Elsie’s (and the rest of the shows’) point of view, the Cradle could run thousands of simulations in the time she was waiting for Bernard to come back. Yet we only see a single interaction with Bernard/Ford. The only real way to explain time passing roughly the same between a simulation and real world is if they are BOTH in a simulation. It’s horrifying, but likely that we have not seen a “real” reality yet on Westworld, which also means we haven’t met a “real” human yet either. I’m a big fan of the show and thanks for listening!

Kevin Harmon

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