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Hey, Pieces of Shat!

I’m very, very glad I’m able to be in the thick of the business this season. I’m pretty excited to hear the quality content you guys provide us.

I’m not sure if I’ll make it on time for the Telegraph, but after listening to the Deep Dive, I had some things to say:

About Dolores behaving in a schizophrenic way: it makes quite a bit of sense, specialy if we remember The Bicameral Mind. Arnold tells Dolores that hers is the voice he’d been wanting her to hear all that time. Well, some people do listen to voices inside their heads, it would be interesting if HBO decided to turn a lead character into someone with schizophrenia. Also, to add up to the comment (by Big D if I recall correctly) that it feels like Dolores is still in character, let’s not forget that the title of the episode is Journey Into Night, the name if Ford’s last narrative. From the bits and pieces we could gather from the Season 2 premiere, it would make sense that yes, the awakening of the hosts IS part of Ford’s narrative. That would be consistent with the dialogue between young Bob Ford host and ol’ Billy in Black; Ford knew William’s intent as well as his role in Delos. This “new game” could be a way to make William, the most recurrent costumer of the park, end up departing the park after realizing that the hosts deserve to be left alone. “The Door” could be a literally a way to get out of the park, and Ford tells William he’ll need to find it because William will end up WANTING to get out of Westworld.

That, however, could be tricky if we [adjust tinfoil hats] stop to think that the one reason why William has been in Westworld all that time is because he has replaced himself with a host in the real world. William is obviously a big deal within Delos, and he could pretty much be one of the people behind the shady endeavours regarding data (and DNA) extraction from the park. William might have used the technology we saw on that underground lab where Bernie and Charlotte to have a host-clone of himself created and inserted back into the real world, so he could stay in the park all that time searching for the Maze. Or I could be completely wrong, that’s also a very strong possibility.

Damn, I missed you guys. And this. =)

Cheers, fellows!

Thiago Waldhelm

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1 Response

  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Episode 2 definitely colors in some of the lines you sketched, Thiago. The Man in Black is driving very hard in a specific direction, and Big D believes Delos’ big plan involves the promise of immortality and living on as a host in the real world. Did William just get a jump start?

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