Theory On Why Only One Writer For The Westworld Theme Park

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Shat Hosts,

When you guys found it odd that Westworld, a mega bucks amusement park business, had just one writer, I think you over looked that Ford may have done that on purpose. Lee Sizemore is kind of bonehead character. Perfect staffing for someone who wants no one to know what he is up to.

Ford’s master plan may have been more than just the story he wanted to play out, but making sure to hire people who will not hinder his plan. That may explain why the hosts repair guys are not as sharp as one would think. It may also explain why the security teams stunk when the initial uprising happened. For “trained” security, they seem to get taken out easily by the hosts.

Just a thought.

Keep up the great podcasts Roger, Gene & BigD!


Kev from SF Bay Area.

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1 Response

  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Makes sense. Keep the “amusement park” cheesy and simple so you can work better in the shadows.

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