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Couple Things Ya’ll missed.
The love theme song was sampled for an Immortal technique song “Dance with the Devil” When I saw the episode and heard this I immediately thought to myself “So Dolores is the Devil” the song is pretty intense and I don’t know if I’m stretching but the lyrics actually touch on a lot of Westworld:

“I once knew a nigga whose real name was William
His primary concern, was making a million
Being the illest hustler, that the world ever seen”

Sounds like our man in black

“But then again there’s always the wicked that knew in advance”


“His corruption had successfully changed his fate”


“But only the devil responded, cause God wasn’t there
And right then he knew what it was to be empty and cold
And so he jumped off the roof and died with no soul”

William again

So my idea is that when Williams wife found out about who he really was and killed herself, William in turn also killed himself. He’s a hybrid like Bernard? He also like rapes and murders in the song…

Dolores is now corrupting Caleb…?

Rehoboam isn’t an AI, its just a predictive model. It uses data to run simulations to predict future events. Its basically “If I do this____, what will happen? predictor. I feel like if you look far enough into any future you will see an ending. How far does Serac hope to look into the future and see what exactly? Harmony for a billion years? I don’t really get it. How does getting rid of outliers stop Nuclear Armageddon? It would make sense if it just couldn’t see past a date but it says we are always doomed. If it says were good for 200 years but then something will happen, don’t you think you would let it play out for a bit?

Time seems weird. Was everyone just casually up 24 hours? Like people were out an about (train, work, streets..) all episode and it went from dark to mid day…

Serac’s ageing is very bizarre.

Why did they build a Robot amusement park with the world in such a chaotic state?

Caleb was an outlier rounder upper if I had to guess, probably like to kill? That’s why he “doesn’t do personals” now. Wiped his brain, gave him the fake back story with fake mom.

Both Serac and Dolores are lined up for “bad guy” rolls this season. Morally Grey.

Bernard and Stubbs make no sense to me unless Stubbs is on team Dolores. They did have a conversation as Charlores was leaving WW at the end of season 2.

Great Stuff! Keep up the good work, oh and maybe end the episode with “Hopefully not to much longer, stay the fuck inside.”

One Love and Godspeed

Maxy T

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