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As we often find the creators of Westworld using the titles of it’s episodes to procure a dual meaning, so too do we find out latest episode “The Winter Line” pulling double duty.

War World, set in Italy during WW2, shows us a land beset with Nazi forces on high alert. The Winter Line was an actual term used to describe 3 defensive lines devised by the Axis powers in order to slow the Allies march through Italy after liberating Africa and Sicily. The operative word here is “SLOW”, as military believe the Axis powers viewed the Allied assault as a surefire success, and the fortifications were meant to slow the progress of their advance north towards Rome. In this regard, the Winter Line could be considered a success, as it took several grueling months for the Allied armies to cover the distance, and they did so while sustaining heavy casualties while wearing out major supply reserves.

In parallel, Westworld creators showed us the Winter Line of Rhoeboem and Incite. As spoken to Maeve, the future-seeing AI believes the war is already lost, and is desperately trying to switch into a defensive stance, hoping to slow Dolores and her gang of hosts while they search for a Plan B.

So, the creators of Westworld showed us Incite’s Winter Line amidst a reenactment of the actual Winter Line of World War 2.

-House of Heathens

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    You are spot on here.

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