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Hey Guys,

In season one, the MiB was told over and over the Maze was not for him. But he continued to pursue it not understanding the true purpose of the Maze. In this season, I believe, the hosts pursued the Door not knowing it real purpose and that is was not meant for them.

In “Journey Into Night” the MiB is told by young Robert

“But now you’re in my game. In this game you have to make it back out. In this game YOU must find the door. Congratulations William. This game is meant for YOU.”

So just like in the first season, the Maze was not for William, in this season, the Door is not for the hosts. Instead of the large crack leading the hosts to “Eden” I believe the real Door was what William passed though/into during the after credits scene.


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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Based on the amount of time that reportedly lapses between the events on Season 2 and MIB’s discovery of the long-gone Forge, do you think the game is decades-long? Centuries-long?

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