The Watch, A River Rant, And An Um Actually…

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loving how Season 3 is turning out! I’m loving how the darker thematic elements are turning out to just be just the darkness of the events and the people involved. Life is dark and fucked up things happen. You start trying to tell those stories, and they’ll inevitably begin to sound like there are monsters or demons involved. But it’s just the shitty underbelly of life. Let’s us pray that we never get caught in the wake of anything of this nature.

I recently watched Hold the Dark on Netflix, and found it had a very True Detective feel to it. That darkness and other worldliness, the tragedy and mystery, so many destroyed as a result of the unfolding. Warn your listeners of the degree of brutality displayed, but I think it’s a no brainer to recommend.

Also listening to the Taboo season, and like all else y’all do I love it. My gripe is that no one ever mentioned how fucking Kool his hat was. That hat was a star unto itself, and deserves acknowledgement. Ridiculous Kool.

Also listening to this season made me really want to hear y’all do Peaky Blinders. Great show, could definitely use a companion podcast for deeper dives.

For my Um, Actually…I cannot remember when y’all were discussing Falstaff and Prince Hal in Henry IV, but at some point I think Gene said that he became Henry IV. Actually, Hal became Henry V. I think part of Shakespeare’s brilliance around Falstaff is how clearly he suggests that Hal would not have become the great Henry V without his access to such a “base” character. The suggestion is that his time exploring the side of life Falstaff occupies makes him a more complete man and king, and all the more formidable for it. Henry V is, undoubtedly, my favorite Shakespeare play. It contains some of the most beautiful English poetry ever written or spoken. If you’re interested, I’ll record you something from the play. I have an MFA in acting, so don’t worry it’ll be well spoken ????

Thanks again for all you put into this. My time in the car listening to y’all makes navigating the daily grind better and easier.

Dr. J

Jonathan Shultz, D.C.

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