The Trouble With Tamera

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Hey fam,Love what you’re doing here, your podcast really brings some amazing insight into a complex story. I hate to start some blacknerd on blacknerd debate, but I gotta say I feel like the Ruby v Tamera dynamic really hit home for me personally. I work in an industry that is prominently and historically white. It’s an industry I feel very connected and protective of, and frankly I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am today. And as much as it annoys me sometimes, I know that I represent more than myself when I’m working. There have been times in the past when a black coworker showed up and wasn’t giving 100% to the job and had some serious feelings about them. Look it’s complex, i’m not saying I’m proud or feel justified by the way I’ve felt at the moment, but they were real feelings. I’m not saying I would ever go to the extremes that Ruby put Tamera through, I’m just saying, if i’m being honest, it made it resonated with me. Trust me, I’m not proud of that. Also, setting aside the sexual assault debate (which is valid and worth exploring), I think Ruby’s act of ‘vigilante justice’ was problematic in the same way most depictions of vigilante justice are in media. The reality is if when Batman or Spiderman beats up a mugger and left them tied up on the police’s doorstep, there would be no way for the cops to legally throw that guy in jail or stop him from exacting retribution against their original victim. But sometimes we wish that the criminal justice system was that simple. So while it’d be nice to see this show explore all the rippling ramifications on the actions of these characters, I doubt we’ll get to it because there’s already a lot to cover. Ultimately a portion of this show dedicated to the wish fulfilment us as an audience getting to watch racist get fucked up in over the top ways. Finally, I feel like the opening dream sequence was telling us what to expect from this show. There’s a soup of genres storylines and characters all put together at once, and they ask us to just go with it. I see this show as more like a Robert Altman film than a super tight linear story. And I get that Altman’s style of storytelling isn’t for everyone, but I don’t think that it’s bad or convoluted. It’s just throwing a lot at us and allowing us to get what we want. So if we expect all the storylines and subplots wrapped up tightly in the end, I think we’ll be greatly disappointed. But thankfully we’ll have the fine folks at Shat to help guide us through to bloody end. Thanks for all the handholding fam.Raymond from Atlanta.

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