The Stray Woodcutter

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I was very disturbed by the woodcutter bashing his head in. I felt that it he was self-destructing due to a highly developed consciousness of his existence as a host.

I felt like he was self-destructing/suicide due to his realization of theimmense hopeless of his existence as a host.

Dr. Ford is awarethat pain comes with consciousness. He does not want them to have a sense of self for this exact reason. – Maria

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2 Responses

  1. Rog says:

    Sometimes Gene & Dick wish I would drop a boulder on my head.

  2. Gene Lyons says:

    Consciousness would be unfathomably torturous for a host, but I’m not so sure that’s what drove the Woodcutter to bash his own head into a flesh canoe.

    If it were, wouldn’t he be crying, screaming or saying something? The Woodcutter’s matter-of-fact, silent and brutally efficient suicide leads me to believe he was destroying sensitive data in his head because he was unable to fend off its collection through violence against humans.

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