The Sack of Kings Landing

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Hi guys,

I love this podcast and have been a long time listener (Taboo!). I look forward to these episodes every week.

The Instacast was understandable from both sides.

I myself was left bewildered, somewhat satisfied, but also a letdown.

I could have cared less about Euron vs Jaime. It was a waste of time and Yara should have had her say.

I was most let down by Cersei and Jaime’s death. I’ve loved Cersei from the start, her character was the most interesting and complex. Of course, she and Jaime would always end up together, she said from the start they shared a womb, that they were one. But it should have felt more satisfying. She was such a hateful villain, but you couldn’t take your eyes off her in every scene because Lena Heady made it so easy to sympathize with her character. We needed something more poetic besides the actual rubble that killed my favorite twins.

With all the said, the sacking of Kings Landing was the REAL plot twist for me. They have dropped so many hints and stories of “what a sacking of a city” would look like in previous seasons, but we never got to see it. Did we need to? Fuck yes! This is Game of Thrones, after all! It’s supposed to shock us! I haven’t been this shaken from a GOT scene since the Red Wedding. I found this part to be the most horrific but in a good way.

I look forward to ending this emotional rollercoaster next week, along with the subsequent podcast episodes. You guys are the real heroes.

– Julia Valdez

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