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Hey, Shatters!

Some thoughts before your deep dive:

I would like to believe that all this questioning being brought up (in the show) if what we’re seeing is real is just to throw us off the scent. The first two seasons had a lot of “who’s a host” questions and it turned out that a lot of people were. Maybe Nolan and Joy want to pose the question of the nature of the reality we’re seeing on screen to keep the tin-foil theories flowing while they actually develop a more concise and straight-forward narrative. I for one am sure they would be able to pull this off in great fashion. What I particularly like about this episode is that we were showed the simulation, and as I mentioned on twitter, this is the most meta episode we’ve had. The simulation, the cameos (I haven’t forgiven D&D, but I enjoyed the shamelessness of them being there; by the way, they were ready to chop up Drogon, which pretty much sums up what they did to the last Game of Thrones season; see? Meta!), all of that seems like a nod to the fans theorizing. Now we can get to what matters for this season (which started with the last scene of the episode).

Sizemore felt weird from the beginning, but the tell was when he questioned Maeve if she knew where Dolores had sent the other hosts, right before Maeve manages to crash him and see the background being distorted. Quite like when Bernard asked “what door?” right before we saw his birthplace. Second mirror moment of the season (first was the scene Ken L’s beautifully described).

And why didn’t people shoot Stubbs? He had a bloody axe and they had machine guns! That didn’t make any sense.

That’s all for now.

I appreciate you all.

Thiago Waldhelm

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    I hope you are correct. I think the showrunners are incredibly smart. So I am really crossing my fingers that they are just trying to throw us off their track.

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