The Mad Queen Daenerys

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Aerys was delusional. He saw conspiracies and slights where none existed. He repeatedly raped his wife. He tortured and killed men and women who had done absolutely nothing wrong – in particular Lord Rickard Stark and Brandon Stark. And guess who was there all along advising him, whispering in his ear, even telling him – as Jaime relates in Season 3 – not to open the gates and let the Lannisters into the city? VARYS.

So, if the Spider was so concerned about the actions of the Mad King, why was he advising to shut the gates and therefore keep this corrupt and evil regime in place? (Rhaegar had died by then, so there was no hope he’d come back and cast down his father.)

It’s a bit disingenuous to mark Daenerys in the same light as a legitimate nut job. The smirk and smile you cite only occurs in one scene and the rest of the time Dany is punishing her enemies – mostly slavers and rebel lords – in war.

Is Tyrion mad for using the wildfire at Blackwater? Is Stannis mad for sacrificing Shireen? Is Tywin, Walder, and Roose mad for orchestrating the Red Wedding? Is Sansa mad for feeding Ramsay to dogs? Is Arya mad for poisoning all the men of House Frey?

I’ve never heard those moments described as madness or those characters described as mad. Why should Dany be treated differently?


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