The Last Purpose of Arya’s Plot Armor

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In this episode, we see Arya let go of her grudges, embrace life, and witness the cost of vengeance. We also see her travel thru the city getting nearly crushed to death or burnt over and over again.

Is it possible she will kill Daenerys? That would be huge to giver her the other big death, but here’s my case.

What if Arya kills her, steals her face, and basically turns over leadership to Jon (maybe even doing what everyone kept saying was the easy answer and married Jon as Daeny- though that may be a bit too tin foil).

We haven’t seen a true payoff to Arya’s ability to take faces. Walder Frey, sure, but seems like a weak payoff.

Arya has said that she won’t be going back to Winterfell- this would definitely complicate going home.

Jon is recognized as a leader, but still makes dumb mistakes. If Arya stayed to help him rule- she could be a good balancing force for Jon. She has let go of her anger and hatred and embraced living. Sure, she probably doesn’t want to be a lady- that isn’t who she is, but leading a double life would be something far different than being, say, lady of Stormsend.

All the people who knew Daeny most are dead. Greyworm would be the last of them, but he broke the fragile cessation of hostilities in the city by throwing that spear. Jon saw that and would be enough reason to swing the sword. The only other loose end is Tyrion, who may not be that much of a loose end now that he has seen who Daeny can be.

Arya’s arc would be tragic if she had to do this. I don’t think the people would be OK with Daeny being their queen beside Jon because of her atrocities, but they followed Cersai, so who knows.

If you want to go full tin foil- Arya could be pregnant with Gendry’s baby and that baby could be the next ruler of Westeros if Arya lives wearing Darny’s face. It would be dark haired- just like Jon. It would return a Baratheon back to the throne in secret. It would allow the victors to write their history the way they want. It would allow Jon to fulfill his stated desire from the first episode of season 1 to never have kids. It would end the unpredictable blood like of the Targaryens. It would be tragic that, once Arya finally let’s go of the hate that she has harbored for the whole story, she doesn’t get to live her own life, she becomes a servant of the realm. Also, it comes back to the character the GRRM always wanted st the center of the story- Arya and Jon (his original concept was that there would be a love triangle between Arya, Jon, and Tyrion).


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