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Hey Guys,

Thanks for preserving my sanity by breaking down the show for me on my drive to work this season.

I don’t think you guys have given poor Felix the credit he deserves for his role in season 2. Yes, you pointed out that he and Sylvester were important to give the human perspective of being unable to see the door to the Valley Beyond, but why did no one point out the fact that in response to Hector and Maeve talking about the door, that Felix gets to deliver the line, “What door?” Was it too obvious to everyone? Were we all just so relieved that it wasn’t a physical door? I admit, I didn’t catch it on my first viewing, but please give our pal, Felix his credit during your last podcast for the season.

-Steve V
Los Angeles

p.s. Why was Charolette Hale’s book on the virtual shelf in the Forge library?

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Great point! I believe Big D pointed out Felix’ valiant “what door” contribution to humor on the podcast.

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