The Battles To Come

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Hi Guys,

Love the podcast. Just listened to your ep 4 review, you touched on the Northern forces being loyal to Jon and not Dany but I don’t think this will impact the battle with Cersei. Here’s where I hope that’s headed instead:

Dany arriving earlier than the Allied Force led by Jon is intentional. Her decision to attack without regard for civilian casualties was made with Jon absent. This atrocity will not tarnish his Northern honour.

The battle for King’s Landing will see Dany triumph because Cersei is not the final boss of this game. By the time Jon and his Allied Forces arrive, Dany will have laid waste to the city by way of fire and blood. The pain and suffering she inflicted will break his heart.

There will be one more battle pitting Jon’s forces against Dany’s, this final battle will have no winners.

Other random predictions:
*Golden company switches sides at some point so they are involved in the final battle

*Varys will be confirmed as the perfumed seneschal that Dany was warned about.

*Jaime strangles a captured Cersei

*The Hound smashes Zombie Mountain => Drogon roasts the Hound => Arya snikts Drogon

**OR Arya’s Faceless Man brainwashing finally kicks in and she rids the world of ALL Dragons… forever…

***well damn, just saw the ep 5 preview with Jon outside KL with Lanister banners still up, maybe it will be Arya who will turn on Dany in the aftermath and Jon will be forced to pick a side. Either way I hope Arya, Jon and Dany will not be on the same side of the final-final battle. What is more bittersweet than winning the Iron Throne at the cost of the person you loved most (wait… is Light-bringer the god damn Soul Stone?)

Also didn’t realise how annoyed tv-dramatised battle tactics made me until I stumbled across this: legit more gripping than ep3 simply because actions and decisions have consequences.

Geez Nutz

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