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Hey Guys,

Love what you do with both your tv and movie reviews. I found you guys while looking for more info on season 1 of Westworld and have been around ever since. One of the best things about your podcast is even if I have not seen a movie you are reviewing I still find myself throughly enjoying listening to you guys review it. I cannot even begin to imagine the work that goes into keeping the podcast going. The pressure to stay on schedule must be daunting. I really began to think about this when I got home this Friday afternoon…I should start by saying that I listen to a couple of different podcasts that dive into True Detective theories however Shat is my absolute favorite. Anyway, Friday I noticed the Recapables had put up a new episode. I started listening only to find that the review was of episode 5, an episode that has yet to air. AAAHHH….thank goodness I noticed pretty quickly that the group was discussing events I had not yet seen. With a show like True Detective spoilers can destroy the entire experience. I wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for never giving out information ahead of time. King B didn’t even slip up and give anything away after seeing the first two episodes ahead of time, his tongue must still hurt from all the times he had to bite it. To think that most weeks you all have a day to watch then only two days to record is amazing. Big shout out for how great the work that you do is especially with such a limited time frame.

As far as the show goes I feel that your voicemail from CA last week was pretty spot on, or maybe it was just so thoughtfully crafted I have now begun to cling to it as truth. If it turns out Amelia was not in on it, my money is on the old lady who makes the dolls. This season the camera seems to linger in a really specific way when the audience might be getting a clue that a character is not telling the truth (think how it hung on Wayne’s son’s face when he was saying he had not seen the documentary film maker since she criticized the investigation). I feel that the camerawork during the scene with the lady who makes the dolls was similar. I also think she looks a lot like the man who lives in the farmhouse that is not on any maps. I can’t explain why but I get the feeling that they are married or even brother and sister. Anyway, just my random opinion (I promise I did not listen to the other podcast!!!).

So glad you guys decided to take on True Detective!
Keep up the good work.


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