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Hey Guys,

First of all: thank you so much for your fantastic work – accompanying me through this strange season! I lost my wife as an enthusiastic co-watcher somewhere on the way, because she started to really not liking it anymore … and although I found a new great companion, Luis (cc – appropriate name!), it was essential for survival to know that you were there three times a week … to know that you’ll stay by my side! The great thing about you is that you are not only very smart and very funny. What I love is that you seem to really like each other – and this friendship and empathy you pass on to your listeners in a beautiful way. Of course I will give you a little thank you via Paypal – you more than deserve it!

Concerning the last episode, Luis and me have three questions – which I’ll try to keep short and juicy, I think that was the way Big D likes it … (please consider only this part for potential publishing, thanks)

1. We all puzzle about why Dolores had to take the MiB to the entrance to the Forge/VB. Just to let him shooting his hand off there? And to be found by the security and being transported to the beach later? I don’t know. Do you think there is a possibility that Dolores already knew (or was programmed to ,know”) about the loop the MiB had to fulfill (possibly for the first time in this timeline) – to go through it again and again in the future and for being tested by the AI much much later?

2. Isn’t it possible to duplicate the host pearls? To have copies of them? (Even after the Cradle exploded, you could produce copies, couldn’t you.) They are data, aren’t they … this would mean that Dolores of course could have sent one Teddy to the VB – and take another Teddy with her into the real world (maybe only for nostalgic reasons). And having a copy of herself in her bag, wouldn’t that make it much easier for Charlores to create a version of herself in her original body? (How does it work otherwise? Charlores constructs an original Dolores body in Arnold’s home. And then? Puts a hole in her own head, gets her pearl out, puts in the other body? Without loosing consciousness? Wouldn’t she need help? Don’t tell me she constructed a few drone hosts first …)

3. When exactly did Bernard build the Charlotte host body? After Elsie was killed and he imagined Ford for help? (Must be very easy to create a host body very quickly then.) Or did he build this body weeks ago (Season 1 timeline) … without remembering it? (Maybe that is a dumb question because it’s easy to see if you pay attention to the clothes B. is wearing while building the body …)

Would be great to hear from you – keep up the great work. I’ll make sure to listen to Shat the Movies soon!

Love from Munich/Germany
Stefan (and Luis)

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    We don’t really know how long it takes to make a host (especially by hand in DIY conditions), but the show seems to indicate it can be done in a matter of days.

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