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Hey guys!

I am a second-time emailer but a long time listener. Love the podcast, as well as the awesome insight and perspective you guys have. I am typically not critical of the show and always try to see what the writers were going for. It irks me when people sit back and nitpick the show and try to tear it apart. However, that”s me this week. The battle of Winterfell seemed to be perceived very well from fans but I didn’t enjoy it as much. Don’t get me wrong there were amazing moments and I enjoyed it a little more the second time around especially after I watched the behind the scenes video that HBO posts. I am not arguing with the quality of the episode or anything it”s just that some elements of the show seemed inconsistent with GOT tradition somewhat like what we saw in season 6 and 7. I mean how many people were saved at the last minute? I found that to be to cliche for Game of Thrones. Also, the scene with the Dothraki at the beginning was terrifying and fulfilled its purpose but it was so idiotic that I don’t think it”s a realistic strategy. I get the writers thought and building the drama but it was just so stupid to have them run blindly into the dark. This episode was so out of charcuterie at times to me because it was just like everything I”ve ever seen on tv. The odds are so stacked against the good guys and somehow they push through when realistically they wouldn’t. Those harsh and true situations made me fall in love with GOT.
I’m not saying I wanted everyone to die or that I wasn’t on edge because I definitely was it just seemed like an easy way out for writers to just have someone kill the Night King at the last minute to save everyone. Hope was so bleak that the whole time I knew the only way the living would succeed is to defeat the Night King. Which is fine but I would have loved to see some strategy to his demise. At one point late in the episode, every character was so fucked that the only option was for the Night King to die. And I’m not upset that they did defeat him in one episode. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what else occurs on the chase to the throne but it was obvious to me from the first 5 minutes that either everyone was going to die ( which isn’t realistic) because it was so hopeless or that someone would have to defeat the Night King in order for literally everyone to survive. It was also blatantly obvious to me that it was going to be Arya. Her conversations with the Red Woman were too obvious. At one point I paused the tv, looked at my wife and said: “are they suggesting that it”s Arya who is going to kill the Night King?” I’m glad it was Arya but would have liked to see it happened in a more strategic and realistic fashion. I mean how could she get by thousands of wights and White walkers with anything but a slight glance from a walker, then leap 20 feet in the air? I would have liked to see the Night King place his finger in Arya’s cheek, turn her and while she”s turning to stab him causing them both to die, that seems like more traditional GOT. Again, I hate to be this person and I’m probably wrong because the rest of the fandom seems to be in love with the episode so guys tell me what I’m missing. What am I not seeing?

Josh Simser

PS: I have to throw in some compliments too since I feel horrible about disliking this episode.

I really thought the suspense was built beautifully. The battle scenes were built flawlessly and that scene in the library with Arya was insane. I loved the homage to all of those who died. They died in the perfect way for that character. I loved the subtle facial expressions as usual. Particularly, Tyrion. His moment with Sansa was amazing and I think it will be incredible to see how he chooses sides between her and Danny if it comes down to it.

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  1. Kenny P says:

    Well I do think a lot of that last second stuff you’re referring to is certainly a valid complaint. However, as you conceded, it kind of worked in the moment, it made you feel the suspense. You felt that hopelessness. So it worked the intended way. I’m not too bent out of shape about things when they work. If it didn’t give you that feeling, it would have been dumb, absolutely.

    I can’t really argue how you felt throughout, it did feel like the last second saves were all throughout. That said, it played out really well in the episode, it built you up, it tore you down, it was unpredictable and told us it’s own story. You could have never seen this show, be shown just this episode and understand immediately what’s up. That’s a pretty hard thing to do. I’ve never seen anything quite like the execution they had. There’s bound to be some campy crap in something like this so I just let it go and went for the ride

    The Dotraki charge, I agree it was strategically dumb. However, looking back at the culture for the Dothraki, how they have been presented to us as warriors. It all makes sense that despite it being dumb, they’d want it this way. Horses waiting for an enemy is also terrible strategy. It basically cancels out the horses effectiveness.

    I could see that the Dothraki might insist to fight the way they did, and want to lead a charge. They are fearless, and it’s presented that way exactly. Give them a ton of flaming swords and they get crazy confident I’m sure. Just my thoughts. Thanks for sharing you’re thoughts. I try to read all of them, but there’s too many. It gives you a sense of just how hard the Shat Guys work, it’s incredible.

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