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Hey guys,

I have a brief thought about the new Teddy. Dolores doesn’t need a killing machine, because she has her entire horde. So why fix Teddy up? If she just needs a killing machine, she can use any of the ones she has at hand. It can only be to protect him, because she knows the fight that’s coming. But what if the Teddy body we see in the lake, the one with Carl and Bernard now on the pile of bodies at the mesa, is that Teddy. She didn’t risk her Teddy, the Teddy we all know, the honorable, chivalrous Teddy, because she could always rebuild him from his last backup, before the changes. This would allow her to still see herself at the end with Teddy, and that Teddy won’t have any memories of whatever awful madness he’s about to get up to now that he’s a ruthless killing machine.

John G.

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