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Hello Roger, Gene, Big D and Kerry (is she in cold storage?) Gross,

Can’t believe Season 2 is over! Overall, I loved this season, especially “Kiksuya”, but this season finale left me with 2 technical questions:

1. Are only hosts who fall off the cliff able to reach Nirvana/Eden/the Sublime? If so, why did we see Kohana and Teddy there? If not, why would the hosts need to cross that threshold if they can reach the Promised Land without going through the Door?

2. In Arnold’s house, we see New Dolores in the black dress with her own MPU. We also see Halores/ChaDo with someone else’s MPU and we see New Bernard with his own MPU. But… we are made to understand that hosts can’t remove their own MPU. They need to use a machine or someone else need to pry it out of their heads. So how was Halores able to print a New Dolores body and move her MPU from Halores’ head to the head of New Dolores all by herself?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Thank you for doing such an awesome job again this season! Can’t wait till your final season Game of Thrones podcast and more Shat The Movies!

Your faithful listener,
Wendy F.

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