Td Season 3- Clue About Spirals

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Hey Guys,

I’d have to watch it again later today to be exact on this. In one of the two first episodes during one of the scenes with the film crew in Wayne’s home, i noticed something. Wayne was having a conversation off the air with the young lady and they were standing (his son was present). The lady mentioned something about possible satanic involvement and symbols and she specifically spoke about the “spiral” markings and that they aren’t unusual in these type cases. I immediately thought of season 1 and the timeline fits also. The way she said it seemed that it was common knowledge in 2015 because of how talked about the Tuttle school/ missing kids would have been publicized in the real world. I have to wonder if these two kids were two of the ones that Rust and Marty found on all those reports in surrounding states and it never developed (because of Wayne’s arrest)(both Detectives worked for State Law enforcement). Maybe the cases intertwine and this season is bleed over from the secondary investigation in season 1 (Tuttle school). Either way, I had not heard anyone mention the “spiral marking ” clue. Great job on the podcast and I will continue to tune in. P.S. I have 22 years experience in LE and most is in investigations (many many death investigations). I love the analysis you guys do.

Jamie Seales-
Lexington, SC

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