Targaryen and Lannister Babies

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So my working theory on Tyrion strange lurking in the shadows while Jon and Dany were together is this: The last moment Tyrion and Cersei were together before she comes out saying she will join forces to defeat the dead, is when Tyrion discovers she’s pregnant. What if Tyrion made a deal with her to promise her baby to the future child of Jon and Dany?

Cersei’s motivation besides her own power is the legacy and power of House Lannister. Her new little Lannister uniting with a potential little Stark and Targaryn is the ultimate culmination of these 3 great houses. Her child will rule no matter what.

Tyrion makes this back room deal to get Cersei on board, and now seeing the lovers is feeling the weight of this betrayal and its potential consequences. I just don’t buy he’s in love with Dany and his feelings are hurt. He’s done something he regrets. Anyway, enjoy the podcast and can’t wait to hear your theories!


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