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Minority roles in Westworld

Hey guys, I’ve been a fan of your podcast since Season 1 of Westworld, first time writing in. If Rehoboam is the one controlling the underground crime market, I’m annoyed that even in the future, it seems like mostly black (or non-white) people are engaging in “criminal” activity” (ie Francis,...

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Westworld Episode 7 Theories: “Passed Pawn”

“Westworld” Episode 7’s Telegraph has more laughs per minute than anything we’ve done this season. Listeners wrote and called in about Maeve’s story arc, the real Dolores Prime, illogical fight scenes, EMPs, passed pawns, and French accents. You guys really can’t let go of the accents. In this mailbag edition of Shat on TV, we also cover “Neuromancer,” exploding arms, minority roles in 2052, and whether Dolores and Maeve are just messing with each other. Also, Caleb takes center stage as Shat Nation points out similarities to Teddy and other clues to his purpose.


Stubbs Is Dolores

Hey guys! I’ve been thinking this for a while, but is it possible that Stubbs is the last Dolores? It’s weird how he just suddenly shows up when he’s needed to help Bernard. It would explain why the fight between him and Dolores was so crap. And most of all,...


Thoughts About Rohoboem: Motives for Murder

Hi, Just wanted to throw out some thoughts. If Rohoboem is so good at predicting what people will do, couldn’t it have anticipated that Caleb would take the tape off the hostage’s mouth – I mean, that level of curiosity should be something that Rohoboem should be able to anticipate...


West World Episode 8 And Kind of an “Um… Actually”

Hey guys, I started watching season 3 later than everyone else, and have been listening to the West World podcast as I go along. When you started speculating about the rockets by the motel that Bernarnold and Stubbs are staying at, I rolled my eyes. I thought it was pretty...


The Effect of Emps On Digital Systems

Hi guys, The Passed Pawn episode tried to borrow from the Matrix in its reliance on an electromagnetic pulse to be the ultimate weapon against the machine world. It kind of made sense in the Matrix because presumably the squid machines were not organic but semiconductor based objects. The way...


Two Solomon’s???

Hey guys, Love the podcast, but I’ve got a question I have not heard anyone talk about. Weren’t there two Solomon’s? There was one that Caleb was talking to, with the human cold storage. And there was one with Dolores, Maeve, and the EMP. My question is why are there...


Westworld = The Quants

Hi, I was rewatching Ep 7 tonight, and trying to figure out if Caleb’s entire military career is fabricated. He says “the quants fed us names” – who are the quants? Were they just getting data from RICO but that part of his memory is blurred? Michael C


Westworld And China Comparisons

Hi this is Zee-Jay emailing from China. I am not Chinese but I’m a westerner living and working here in China. Observing the faux human utopian society that is depicted outside of the park in westworld, sort of reminds me of living here in China for the past few years....


Westworld – Ummm… Actually

Hey all. Enjoyed the deep dive (even without Big D!). Ashley – you mentioned your husband was / is a competitive chess player and explained to you that when a pawn reaches the eighth rank it can ‘be replaced with a piece that’s already been taken away from you and...