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Westworld Episode 9

Hey Gents and the lovely Kerri. I’ve spotted something quite interesting in episode 9. When Emily mentions that she threw the engraved ballerina jewellery box that she was given on...


Dolores At Cocktail Party?

Hey Guys, Am re-watching Vanishing Point. Did Dolores just pass behind Julia at Williams party at the beginning? PS: Highest compliments to the Vonnegut theorist. On the button!! Heather Argyle



Hi guys How’s this for a thought ; MIB (human or host) gets to The Forge and is killed/rebooted or re chestnutted and used to pass through ‘The Door’ and...


Episode 9 Telegraph

?Hey Guys, Here is something I would love if you would look at for the telegraph. First time leaving anything, I recorded myself reading because I think I sound better...


Vanishing Point

Hi guys, Just a thought, use it or not: I don’t think they’re seriously suggesting William might be a host. I think it’s very clear that he’s human. Why would...


The Original Redux

Hi gang, I have been listening to a couple discussions regarding whether William is a host or not. The consensus seems to be that Nolan & Joy’s on-the-knife storytelling is...


1st Time Theory

Hi Guys, Long time listener, love the show. First theory I’m putting forth. Almost in the “Occam’s Razor” department: William is a host, built by Ford in order to have...