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WW-S2E04 “The Riddle of the Sphinx” Bernard finds himself in a cave in an isolated section of Westworld. He discovers Elsie Hughes chained up inside, having abandoned her there while operating under Ford’s influence. They explore a hidden bunker in the cave and find an insane host of James Delos. A series of flashbacks reveal that William and James attempted to recreate James’ consciousness in a host body to achieve immortality. However, the experiment repeatedly failed and William shut it down. Bernard recalls that Ford had him retrieve the control unit of a second host-human hybrid, but cannot recall for whom it was intended. In the park, William and Lawrence return to Lawrence’s home to find it overrun by Craddock and the surviving Confederados. Craddock torments the other hosts for sport until William and Lawrence overpower the Confederados and kill Craddock. Speaking through Lawrence’s daughter, Ford warns William that one good deed does not redeem him. William rides west with the townspeople in tow where they meet Grace, who reveals herself to be William’s daughter Emily.


Bloody Tub Theory

Hey Guys, Love your coverage of Westworld. I have a theory and I would like some feedback. Is the person in the bloody bathtub MIB’s daughter that has killed herself?...


Westworld What’s The Issue

Hello, Westworld fails to answer 3 simple questions: Who is the hero? Who is the villain? What are the stakes? The show leaves these basic story telling foundations, shrouded in...