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WW-S1E10 “The Bicameral Mind” The Man in Black presses Dolores about Wyatt’s whereabouts and the center of the maze, and reveals he is actually the aged William. Dolores then remembers Arnold’s order to kill him and destroy the park, and that she is actually Wyatt. She attempts fighting back, Teddy rescues her, and they flee to a distant beach. Dolores dies in Teddy’s arms, though that is revealed to be part of Ford’s narrative. During her escape from Westworld, Maeve—aided by Hector and Armistice—finds Bernard’s corpse, and Felix repairs him. Bernard warns Maeve that her desire to escape was programmed into her. Although Maeve—now alone—initially continues her escape, she has second thoughts and exits the imminently departing train to find her daughter. She was given a sheet as to the whereabouts of her daughter, revealing the existence of multiple parks including Shogun World, which was shown earlier. Back at Westworld, Ford tells Dolores and Bernard that he regretted his role in Arnold’s death, came to desire to free the hosts as well, and has spent the last 35 years preparing them to fight back. He then gives a speech in front of Charlotte, the Man in Black, and other guests, criticizing their handling of the park. Dolores then shoots and kills Ford while an army of reactivated hosts emerges from a nearby forest.


The Bicameral Mind

Hey guys, My name is Seth, I’m a computer scientist from Texas. Really love the podcast, it’s greatly enhanced my Westworld experience in terms of keeping track of everything in...


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Hey, Pieces of Shat! I’m very, very glad I’m able to be in the thick of the business this season. I’m pretty excited to hear the quality content you guys...


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