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WW-S1E09 “The Well-Tempered Clavier” Maeve reveals to Bernard that he is a host and convinces him to let her back into the park, where she meets Escaton and convinces him to help her escape the park. Bernard confronts Ford and forces him to restore all of his memories, and discovers he is a model of Arnold. Bernard attempts to kill Ford; but the latter uses a backdoor in the former’s code to force him to commit suicide. Meanwhile, Logan cuts open Dolores’s belly to show William she is not real. She manages to escape and run away, finding that the wound is suddenly gone. She reaches the church, where she learns that she killed Arnold. She then encounters the Man in Black. Logan then awakes to find that William has slaughtered all of the Confederados. William threatens Logan into helping him find Dolores. Teddy has a flashback of himself killing host Angela before she kills him. Hale meets the Man in Black, who is revealed to be a Board member, and unsuccessfully tries to gain his assistance in removing Ford. Stubbs investigates suspicious activity in the park and is ambushed by Ghost Nation hosts, who are not under control.


My Own Theory

Hey Guys, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have been giving us subtle clues as to what the whole theme is about. But let me just say one thing that both...


Westworld Telegraph S02e02

Hello gentlemen, and lovely Kerri. I’m saving the pleasantries this week, because you already know how awesome you are. This has been a crazy week. I have gone back and...


The Meaning of Well-Tempered Clavier

Dear hosts, Thought I’d point something out for your discussion of what the episodes title means. When ‘The Well-Tempered Clavier’ is mentioned, everyone thinks of Johann Sebastian Bach’s set of...


Dr. Ford’s Cyborg Revenge

Hey guys, Kevin here. Love the podcast, keep up the good work. I’ve got quite the theory for you guys, so tinfoil hats on. Seeing the fandoms response to episode...


Why Maeve Set Herself on Fire

After watching Maeve burn herself and Hector up in the last episode “The Well Tempered Clavier” I wondered if her plan might be to so badly damage their bodies that...


Is the “General” Arnold?

I’m sure this must have been mentioned, but Teddy, when recalling the version of his memory where he and Wyatt rebelled against their fellow Union soldiers, says at the end...