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WW-S1E08 “Trace Decay” Ford has Bernard stage Theresa’s death to look like an accident. Then, Ford wipes Bernard’s memories after Bernard has a vision of himself attacking Elsie. Stubbs becomes suspicious of Bernard’s behavior. Hale recruits Sizemore for her cause. Maeve convinces Felix to give her the ability to control other hosts, and slits Sylvester’s throat for attempting to kill her; though she has Felix save him. Maeve then suffers more visions of her past life with her daughter and reflexively kills another host, prompting the park staff to retrieve her for a diagnostic. William and Dolores finally reach their destination, Ford’s church, where Dolores has more disturbing visions and realizes that Arnold wants her to remember something before they are captured by a band of Confederados led by Logan. Teddy receives a flashback of the Man in Black attacking Dolores and interrogates him. The Man in Black explains he started searching for the maze to find purpose after his wife’s suicide. Teddy is wounded by a female host before they are captured by Wyatt’s cultists.


Conjecture About MIB

Hi again guys! About the remembering and misremembering thing. I think you have it all way backwards. Human memory is imperfect, the show has hammered it home in S1E8 Trace...


Ford / MIB Game Theory

Hey all, Long time listener, first time e-mailer. I’ll try to keep it short. I think that the control unit that Bernard had to pick up is Ford’s control unit....


Big D’s Theory

I like Big D’s theory but I don’t think the story he told in “Trace Decay” necessarily conflicts with the new visions he had. I always took the story to...


Thoughts On Westworld

Howdy, gents, Before I get to some thoughts on Westworld, I have to acknowledge that the return of ShatOnTV Westworld Edition has been at least as wonderful as the show’s...


Why Fire For Maeve?

Why Fire for Maeve: I’m listening to the Big Episode for Trace Decay and you already called it at minute 58: Maeve needs to wreck her body to the point...


Westworld Theories Vs Enjoyment

Hey guys. Really enjoying the pod. Made for great road-trip thoughts and discussions with my brother over Thanksgiving break. I really identified with the thought that too many viewers are...