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WW-S1E07 “Trompe L’Oeil” It is revealed that Theresa and Hale are both secretly stealing Ford’s research for the board so that they can oust him from the park without fear of him destroying his work in retribution. They engineer an event to demonstrate that Ford’s “reveries” make the hosts violent and uncontrollable in their narratives. Bernard is blamed for the update of untested faulty code and fired as a result. Aboard an escape train, William and Dolores become intimate. Their train is ambushed by a group of Confederados, forcing William, Dolores, and Lawrence to flee; they are able to escape when the Ghost Nation, a horde of hostile natives, attacks. Dolores and William part ways with Lawrence and set their sights westward. Meanwhile, Maeve finds her friend Clementine retired by the staff. Maeve decides to use Felix and Sylvester to escape the park. Bernard takes Theresa to Sector 17; inside a hidden lab she finds design plans that reveal he is a host. Ford appears and reasserts his complete control over the park, regardless of what the board thinks and has Bernard kill her.


Bernard Is a Host of Arnold

How do gents– love this podcast (!), been listening since “ep 1” episode so one additional theory I have is: Bernard is a Host of Arnold and that the flashback...


Neo of Westworld

Yo, fellas First time writer here. Love your˜cast. Just jumped into your podcast with episode 6’s casts. I’ve read various sub-reddits, so I believe I’m up on the predominant theories...


Gatling Guns Ep 107

Hey There , There was a point you guys were making in the last podcast about multiple timelines and Gatling Guns, saying the William train scene was taking place in...


80 Years

Hi Guys, Thanks for the podcast. I enjoy listening to all the different segments each week and appreciate the time you take to break things down! I wanted to mention...