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WW-S1E05 “Contrapasso” Hughes discovers that the stray has been transmitting information outside of the park to an unknown party, reporting it to Bernard. The Man in Black kills Lawrence, whose blood he transfused into Teddy. They are then confronted by Ford, who assures the Man in Black that he will not stop the latter’s efforts to find the maze, returning Teddy’s full strength also. Dolores, William and Logan travel to the town of Pariah, where they meet criminal gang leader El Lazo, a.k.a. Lawrence, who tasks them with stealing a wagon of high explosives from the Union Army, a mission they complete successfully. Dolores, who has been seeing visions of herself advising her to find the maze, realizes El Lazo intends to keep the explosives for himself rather than to sell them to the former Confederates, who apprehend Logan while William and Dolores flee, joining El Lazo in the train. Maeve awakens in the control center and demands technician Felix chat.


Telegraph Coming

Hello Shat on TV crew: Here’s my best attempt to summarize my notes briefly into three groupings: * Plot/Story Reveal * Narrative * Theme Please don’t ding me on the...


Westworld Big D’s Theory

Hi 🙂 love your pod casts!!! Just a couple of thoughts. Logan tells William what happened but his take on it is WW was formed by two partners and before...


William Is Peter Abernathy?

Hi! thanks for an Amazing podcast! Going to keep this short and stupid. My stance on the show is that everybody is a host – nobody acts like a human,...


Westworld Fan Glossary: 9 Westwords you made up

Fleshbot. Bernarnold. #DongWatch2016. Westworld is such a different show from anything else on TV, fans no longer can capture their ideas in normal English. After laughing, cringing and sometimes scratching...