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WW-S1E01 “The Original” Teddy and Dolores, two romantically linked android hosts of theme park Westworld, are attacked by the Man in Black, a mysterious park guest. When the hosts begin behaving strangely, head programmer Bernard Lowe traces the problem to errors in park founder Dr. Ford’s reverie code and requests the affected hosts be removed from service. Theresa Cullen, the park administrator, orders an attack on the town to be brought forward to help cover for the removal of all the affected hosts. Dolores’ father Peter finds a photograph that a newcomer left behind and malfunctions. When Dr. Ford interrogates him, Peter quotes Shakespeare and vows revenge upon his creator. Peter is retired from service. Dolores is interrogated and found to be functioning normally. She is wiped and relives her day with a new father, but unknown to management breaks her programming to casually kill a fly.


My Sister Rode a Bunch of Cowboys

Yours was the second podcast I’d listened to and everybody was all “What’s the relationship between these guys!?!?” I was practically yelling into my headphones at my desk. You guys...


Obvious Nod to South Park

Hi guys, found your podcast on itunes and it’s a good one, thanks for doing it! Loving the WestWorld TV series, here’s a couple of things that you may or...


Theresa = Host

Hey guys! First, I love your podcast — keep up the good work! Second, on the question of which of the staff members are hosts (and it seems likely that...


I Have 2 Crackpot Theories

Hi Guys, Great podcast and thanks very much for the episode 2 instacast! So, I’ve now watched both episodes twice. In episode 2, one thing really stood out to me,...

Westworld Questions and Answers 0

Questions and Answers

Westworld Questions and Answers Howdy…. If you’re like me, I know you’re asking… Why can’t the Westworld hosts kill humans? Wha’s the deal with milk and flies? Is that Soundgarden...