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Watchmen Episode 8 Theories

Watchmen Episode 8 Theories: “A God Walks into Abar”

“Watchmen” Episode 8 focused on Dr. Manhattan and Angela Abar, so we weren’t surprised when your letters also centered around the two biggest characters in Damon Lindelof’s new TV universe. Email and voicemail sparked a conversation about tachyonic antitelephones, whether Topher’s being fed mini-bites of blue goodness, and how Adrian Veidt still fits into the story.

Lady Trieu scanned Angela’s memories

I did a podcast search for the Watchmen last week and I happened upon yours. I’m trying to binge listen, but it’s hard for me to find time these days. This series is the first I’ve heard of Shat on TV. You guys are great. I look forward to listening...

Manhattan and autism

I really want to thank you for your episode 8 deep dive pod of Watchman. This is my first time in the Watchmen world, and I’ve become addicted to learning more after listening to your pod. I’m reading the graphic novel for the first time and plan on watching the...

Ummm Actually Judd was a bad guy. Full stop.

Yo gents, big fan of the pod. I’ve been listening since Game of thrones and I was very excited to see that you were doing a podcast for Watchmen. Your insight has been extremely helpful and has totally enhanced my viewing experience of an already spectacular show. I have a...

Watchmen Episode 8 Review

Watchmen Episode 8 Review: “A God Walks into Abar”

Episode 8, “A God Walks into A Bar.” A Watchmen Deep Dive told in three acts. Act 1: Gene Lyons, a man who took two semesters of physics at Arizona State University, attempts to explain the string theory and bootstrap paradox of Dr. Manhattan’s existence while also arguing that Will Reeves destroyed Cyclops on his own. Act 2: Non-practicing Catholic Roger Roeper proves, once again, that any major TV character can be connected to Jesus Christ if you try hard enough. He also examines gods vs. men playing gods as he compares the archetypes presented in Ozymandias and Dr. Manhattan. Act 3: The King Bee explores what Adrian Veidt’s persecution in the post-credits scenes tells us about Europa and Veidt’s motivations. Oh, and he takes a stab at the horseshoe thing. It’s pretty good.

Angela told?

Hey guys! Love the podcast! You are all doing a great job, as usual! This week I have been home baking Christmas Cookies, and while normal 30 something moms choose Hallmark Christmas movies, I have instead been re-watching Watchmen in anticipation of the season finale next week! I am in...

How does Angela impact the past?

Hey am James from africa, South Sudan. I listen to shatontv podcast on watchmen series. My questions are 1. how is Angela behind Judd Crawford’s death. 2. How does same thing said in the future affect the past and again come affect the future. hope its clear to you ....

Episode 8 felt unnatural

Hey guys, this is Cody O’Brien again. Thank you guys for featuring my theory on last week’s newsstand episode. It was cool hearing your thoughts on it. Now I’d hate to say it, but I wasn’t a fan of Episode 8. I was actually surprised to hear that you guys...

Watchmen Episode 8 Instant Review

Watchmen Episode 8 Instant Review: “A God Walks into Abar”

The Shat Crew provide their immediate reactions to Watchmen Episode 8, “A God Walks into Abar.” Roger hails it as possibly the best episode yet, while Gene marvels at how the storytelling took him from rejection last week to absolute adoration this week. Plus, Adrian Veidt gracefully slips back into the story, and Roger announces the creation of the Shat on TV Store. Have a quick listen, write to us at hosts@shatontv.com, and listen on Tuesday for the Watchmen Deep Dive.

Dr. Manhattan

So the show is amazing but how do the 7th Calvary know cal is dr Manhattan the story link is great but confusing since he zapped the guy about killing Angela previously, did someone see him and why wait this long to kill him plus I know he wouldn’t die...