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Westworld Episode 4 Review The Mother of Exiles 0

Westworld Episode 4 Review: “The Mother of Exiles”

Gene and Ashley take heat from listeners, and Big D skates by as we dive deep into Season 3, Episode 4: “The Mother of Exiles.” This edition of Shat on TV explores a multi-Dolores universe, including the emergence of Dolores Prime, and asks “Who has the key to the Sublime?” We also dig up everything we know about Caleb, add to Dick Ebert’s Crazy Timelines and Tinfoil Show, revisit the ambulance shooting, debate Meat Farm vs. Dairy, consider Incite’s role in Caleb and Dolores meeting, and learn about “infantry old.”


Westworld Episode 4 Instant Take: “The Mother of Exiles”

All you pearl-divers got your answer as “Westworld” Season 3, Episode 4 revealed more of Dolores’ master plan, kicked up the violence, and turned on the sex appeal.Gene was left wondering, “Why Caleb?” Ashley raised an eyebrow at how Bernard and Stubbs knew so much, and Big D scribbled down a timeline that would make Carrie Matheson proud.The Shat Crew also discusses perhaps the goofiest “Westworld” moment of 2020 and learns to accept the show on its own terms.

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Westworld Episode 3 Theories: “The Absence of Field”

Texas shows up strong in this listener mail edition of Shat on TV: Westworld. Your email and voicemail concerning Season 3, Episode 3, brought in lots of expertise, from theoretical physics to medical protocol.This week’s topics include time as a loaf of bread, the “noble savage” philosophy, humanism vs. determinism, and how to pronounce Rehoboam like a true church-goer.We also talk Isaac Asimov, “Westworld” sound design, and a string of Umm … Actually for a defenseless Dick Ebert.


Five Pearls Plus Delores

Hi All, Like many Westworld fans, I’ve been pondering who are in those pearls that Delores smuggled out. I like the idea of of the pearl in Charlotte’s body being a duplicate of Delores, but some of the other suggestions just don’t seem right to me. Like Ashley, I would...


One More on Caleb

Hey all u cool cats and kittens..?? Upon multiple re-watches I noticed that the flashes of Caleb on the pier at night show him with a buzz cut. So it could b a flashback or, more interestingly, a flash forward. Bonnie B


Dolores and Charlotte

Hello, First off thank you guys and gall so much for all the hard work you put into this show and all other shat on podcast I love y’alls stuff. I am a first time writer (thank the virus) I got started with you guys with Watchmen and have been...


Charlotte Is Dolores Theory

Dear hosts, I’ve previously written in to you about Game of Thrones, but wow – it seems particularly appropriate when writing about Westworld to address you as “hosts” in a show about hosts. While the more important question of this past episode is probably what is going on with Serac...


Please Read Before the Telecast!

Hello, You don’t need to quote me oor anything on the telegraph, just wanted to point this out so you guys would have another talking point if you are able to read this in time. I just pulled up the 3rd episode on HBO and read the description for the...


Who’s in Hale?…

Hello, Listening to the various theories on who is in Charlotte Hale and wanted to add my 2 cents. There are several clues that I think add up to the possibility that Hale is in Hale. Not the complete Hale, but a recreated, modified version created by Deloris. Clue 1...


Charlotte Is Caleb?

Hi all, I don’t necessary think this theory will happen, but I wanted to share with you the identity of Charlotte that I think would make for the best television this season. My personal hope is that we are seeing multiple timelines and that the Charlotte we are seeing most...