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WESTWORLD SEASON 2Westworld’s co-founder Robert Ford implements a change in the hosts’ programming ostensibly as part of a new narrative for the park, but meant to encourage the park’s oldest operating host, Dolores, to find the proverbial “center of the maze”, which represents the ability to achieve sentience, Ford’s long-sought goal for the park. Other hosts are affected by this change, creating confusion among the park staff and guests, and leading the Delos board to doubt Ford’s ability to run the park. Dolores does ultimately gain sentience, and at a celebration within the park attended by Delos’s board members, Ford announces his new narrative: a revolt by the hosts against the human staff and park guests, which starts with Dolores killing Ford and slaughtering many of the panicked party guests. – Ep.01 “Journey into Night“Ep.02 “Reunion“Ep.03 “Virtù e Fortuna“Ep.04 “The Riddle of the Sphinx“Ep.05 “Akane no Mai“Ep.06 “Phase Space“Ep.07 “Les Écorchés“Ep.08 “Kiksuya”Ep.09 “Vanishing Point”Ep.10 “The Passenger”


What is next?

Hey guys, I used to listen yours westworld podcast, and love then, because they told me obvious things I didn’t noticed. I couldn’t watch true detective, but now I have time to take a show seriously. 8 just whatched dark and have a lot of theories… So, what show are...


Westworld – Season 2 Mean Mail

Let the hate flow through you! It’s time for Shat on TV: Westworld’s Mean Mail edition of the Telegraph. This special episode wraps up listeners’ final thoughts on Westworld Season 2, then turns the guns on Big D, Gene, and Kerri. Roger somehow emerges unscathed. Hear about Gene’s sexual issues, Big D’s pronunciation problems, and Kerri’s absence. Listener letters cover Shat on TV’s first godchild, reactions to the Westie Awards, and the final word on hosts’ superiority to humankind.

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Westworld Season 2 Awards – The Westies

Westworld Season 2 Awards – The Westies Sure “Westworld” was recently nominated for 21 Emmy Awards, but who cares about the same old boring Award shows when you have the Shat on TV Westies?! After hundreds of fan votes, we’ll announce the winners of such categories as: Best Showdown Best...


Westies And More

Hello You guys have RLs I know but I was wondering who won the Westies? Also, I have now watched the s2 finale six times. Each time I seem to understand more about what’s going on and appreciate the character consistencies of the hosts. I really am anxious 1–to see...


Ww Off-Season

Hey Guys, Spitballing here guys, but I’ve been thinking about the down time in-between WW and whatever is next. I’ve loved some of the recommendations I’ve gotten from you guys on Twitter about other shows (Gene has hooked me up with good suggestions). What about a few shows where you...


Kohana In The Valley Beyond

Hello, There seems to be many theories as to why we see Kohana in the valley beyond, but I feel like there is a simple answer. It becomes clear in the finale that cold storage has been emptied out. We are lead to believe that most of the hosts that...


Bonus-Bonus Telegraph

Hey guys, I have a response to an emailer from the bonus telegraph episode: The system AI is tasked with fidelity testing. It’s not evaluating humanity for all of its purpose and meaning, but trying to create copies of humans that behave the same as the original human. It was...


Westies And Season 2

Guys, Just voted for this year’s Westies. Established in 1961. Wow. I had no idea. In the end, I went with the Battle and Showdown scenes that created the most excitement for me. But, there were some really difficult choices here. Especially in the Showdown Category. Mushashi v. Tanaka was...


Undesignated Labor Coaches

Hey Guys, So, I usually write you guys with some sort of literary commentary, but this post is something different this week. My husband and I welcomed our second child on Thursday, and we had to choose something to listen to during labor that we could agree on for the...


Observations After Sampling Other Shows

Hey Gentlemen. And Dick. I jest. I haven’t gotten an email on the show yet and realize you may not do another telegraph but I wanted to share these thoughts anyway. After the season finale i tuned in to several more west world podcast to get some broad analysis. What...