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Bernard’s Plan

Hi again from my other email account (very hostlike). I have a question about Bernard’s “plan” in the season finale. Just before Hale/Delores changes the coordinates to beam the hosts’ minds into their VR safe room, she says “This is your plan, Bernard.” Then in Delores’s interview with Bernard when...


In Defense Of Humanity

Hey Guys, I believe that one of the reasons that this season of West World has received a mixed reaction is that over and over again the point is made that humanity, and by extension the audience, doesn’t deserve to go on. The show has so few humans to root...


Maybe Worth Mentioning

Hey Guys, None of my comments or ideas have made it into the Telegraph, but I like to think that is because my YouTube, Twitter, and email aliases are all different, and not that I’m a weak-minded simpleton. Instead of rehashing any comment I may have previously made, here is...


Some Thoughts

Hey guys and gal, I wrote this list of thoughts while listening to a different Westworld podcast, but thought I’d share in case it hits any points you might find with exploring… An addition to this in reference to your must recent podcast is this: do you remember the construction...


Westworld: What Would Be A “Jump The Shark” Moment

Hello crew, I read and listened to many comment from viewers who claimed the show already “jumped the shark” and I don’t agree. There may have been a few continuity errors. But considering the story is told through multiple timelines, different perspectives and some virtual simulations, I think they’ve done...


Make Gene Say This

Hey Guys, Can Gene please say “Las Mudas” with that sweet accent, one more time. It’s like music. Thank you! ?? Love your podcast, listen to every episode! – Hayley


RIP Westworld

Hello Shat on TV, I took a time to think about the season finale of Westworld in a hope that I would be less disappointed. Nope, still feeling the same. Even though I can appreciate certain scenes and philosophy behind the show, specifically in the last episode. The concept of...


Thank You

Hey Guys, First of all: thank you so much for your fantastic work – accompanying me through this strange season! I lost my wife as an enthusiastic co-watcher somewhere on the way, because she started to really not liking it anymore … and although I found a new great companion,...