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True Detective Episode 4 Review “The Hour and The Day”

True Detective Episode 4 Review “The Hour and The Day” “True Detective” skipped its usual Episode 4 bloodbath this season and instead gave us a buffet of strong dialog and revelations. Find out what’s different about the writing on “The Hour and The Day,” and hear Dick Ebert sing twice...


True Detective Season 3 Episode 4

Dear ShatonTV, Wow…. what an episode. I liked it overall. Certain scenes still feel disjointed, and it remains to be seen if its an intentional strategy. It might just be me but it feels like half of the episodes are amazing, and the other half are decent, but feel like...


Roland’s Limp

Guys, Did you pick up Roland’s limp in the 90’s when he and Hayes were walking out of the office? Curious what are the implications of this. All the best and love the recaps! Rob H


The Watch

Hosts, Here are my quick comments on Ep. 4 for this week: Amelia absolutely, positively went over to the Purcell house not as a teacher but as a busy-body investigator. So let’s, right away, dispense with the notion that she was coming over just to drop off some personal items...


A Second Email … Sorry

Shat gentlemen, So, I know, this is my second email, and I apologize. I figure you get a ton, so I apologize for giving you something extra to read, but I wanted to provide context to the paragraph in my initial email regarding race. I woke up at 5 a.m....


True Detective Theory

Whats up guys and gals. Mark from Pennsylvania here. Just a quick thought….. Is it possible that the Tv director (Lisa?) is grown up Julie Purcell? Kind of out there but it could be the big twist in the show. Thanks for reading and I’m really enjoying the podcast episodes...


How About The Mom? True Detective

Hi guys and Kerri, I don’t think I’ve heard you or any other fan theories on the podcast mention any suspicions on the missing (and dead) kids’ mom, Mrs Purcell. There’s some shady business going on, namely, how she was looking at the detectives when they came back for that...


Tonight’s Episode

Evening y’all, So was it just me or was this episode super super slow? I mean I had trouble staying awake. It was so fucking boring for most of it. Clearly, Pizzalotto is not a director. The tracking shots, the weird fade ins and outs… so slow. So pointless in...


West Memphis 3- Uhm Actually….

Hey Guys, Love all your shows. Gave you guys a great review, but, uhm actually Big D, the West Memphis 3 were never exonerated. They had to plead guilty to get a reduced sentence and get released on time served. -Rosenblat Kalmon


True Detective Season 3 Predictions

Hey Guys, Julie placed her brother’s hands in prayer (she’s the only one who would have seen the family photo) after he was killed accidentally in a plot they were both complicit in to get away from hectic home life/quarreling parents. Perhaps running off to join uncle? Mahershala’s daughter was...