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GOT rewrite

Hey Guys, In The Bells episode, when the bells finally ring, we see Dany looking angry on Drogon toward the Red Keep. Instead of burning up King’s Landing, she rides straight to the castle where Cersei is and burns that sucker up, killing Cersei in the process. This is a...


Behind-The-Scene Rift

Hey guys! LOVE the podcast. I have a theory that I haven’t heard discussed yet: I think in the next year or so a whole bunch of stuff is going to come out about huge rift behind the scenes that messed up production. It doesn’t make sense that the story...


Small Council – Jon Snow”s Fate

Hi Guys, I understand that this season was not what a lot of people wanted it to be, but I want us to all just take a moment and realize something together. The show runners have been building to this moment since they killed and brought Jon back to life....


Poor Jon – Why Is There Even A Nw??

Hi guys I really enjoy your podcast – it is truly awesome – and much better than any of the Danish ones. And I would totally watch that season 9 ?? In your deep dive, you mentioned that Jon should have been executed and that his outfit and hair resembled...



Hey Guys, Did I hear you guys correctly that you are going to do a podcast series on HBO’s Watchmen? That sound you just heard was my dick hitting the underside of my desk. Keep up the great work. Mike in DC


The Ending We Needed: A Mile-High Finale Perspective and the Biggest Clue Everyone Missed

Big D and Gene, I am a long-time listener (Westworld, Game of Thrones, American Gods, and Shat the Movies), but the first-time writer. My boyfriend Vince (yes, the same Vince that commissioned The Natural) and I listen to you all the time and truly enjoy it. First, and most importantly,...


Game of Thrones Fan fic

Hey Guys, You wanted fan fiction! You’re getting it in droves. Shout out to Dick Ebert for my inspiration. So my Fiction, everything happens exactly the same. The last sweeping visual is of Jon Snow riding beyond the wall, and a fade to black. We hear on the radio, “wake...


Give Bran More Lines

Hello Dick and Gene, I have to say that I am super bummed that I only came along your podcast this season during Game of Thrones. Once I found you guys I anxiously awaited for your takes on the episodes and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening. I was excited to...


Game of Thrones Rewrite

Hi Gene and Dick, I would rewrite all of those scenes in which seeing the reaction would have given viewers the opportunity to synthesize their feelings. So here’s my rewrites. 1. Split battle of winter fell into two episodes, conclude the first after Dany tries to burn the night king....