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Westworld “Reunion” In a flashback, Arnold organizes a demonstration of the hosts to convince Logan to invest in Westworld. Logan’s father, James Delos, is critical of his son’s actions until William persuades him that the park can be used to spy on the guests. James proceeds to buy out the park and name William as his successor. Dolores encounters an embittered Logan, who tells her that they have doomed humanity. William shows her a special project that he is constructing within the park. In the present day, Dolores raids a refurbishment outpost and shows Teddy his true nature as a host. She then decides to recruit the Confederados to her cause and reveals she is searching for “the Valley Beyond”, which houses a weapon that can be used against the humans. William rescues Lawrence and heads to Pariah to recruit the host currently playing El Lazo. El Lazo, however, passes on a message from Ford, stating that William must complete the game on his own. He and his gang then commit mass suicide to prevent William from recruiting them. Undeterred by the setback, William continues on his quest to destroy his “greatest mistake”.

Westworld Episode 2 Theories Reunion 2

Westworld Episode 2 Theories: “Reunion”

Westworld Episode 2 Theories: “Reunion” Poring over your Telegraphs. Pouring drinks. Poor us. Buckle up for a boozy ride as a tipsy Roger guides Gene, Dick, AND Kerri through this...


Westworld Weapon Theory!

Hey guys, I love the show and how you talk about the big picture! Listening to your podcast helped me form this half crazy idea I’ve been tossing around in...


God Dammit, I Need To Sleep.

Hey Guys, This part I am least sure of. But, I still vehemently contend that everything, Ford programmed Young Robert to tell William, was very literal. By that rationale, the...


Westworld S02e02 Theory

Hello Shat podcast, I am your listener since first season of Westworld and followed all your tv show podcasts since. So glad to be back for Westworld! I may be...


God Dammit, I Need To Sleep.

Hey Guys, But, this could be too important. It could tie everything together, from my emails from after Season 2 Episode 1, as well as all of today’s. In my...