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Ford’s New Narrative

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Hi guys,

Really enjoyed the Instacast this week and agree that the season finale seems to be headed for an epic climatic battle that has actually been Dr. Ford’s new narrative all along. Rog, when you said “Red Wedding” it reminded me of when Dr. Ford was preparing this new narrative back in Episode 6 “The Adversary” and he looks over a model of a town with the little white

Ford's New Narrative
Ford’s New Narrative

church. If you look closely at the figures on the board (screenshot below) you can see there are 6 people outside the white church who are totally surrounded by some Ghost Nation warriors and what might also be Wyatt’s Gang of masked “zombie” characters. Could these 6 figures represent the Board of Directors who have been invited to the park to celebrate Ford’s new narrative? These 6 little figures are surrounded and clearly outnumbered (and one even has hand up in the air making a gesture of surrender) and it is hard to tell for sure, but most of them seem to be wearing white hats.

Ford has always been a few steps ahead of the Board and has been

Ford's New Narrative
Ford’s New Narrative

planning this new narrative the entire season… if a celebration with the Delos Board of Directors in attendance turns into a “Red Wedding” massacre (Ghost Nation style) that wipes out Ford’s adversaries, then this new narrative will be “something quite original” and something we can all look forward to in the season finale.

Thanks again for the great podcast! – Joe D from California

Westworld Theresa Theory

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I’ve been a big fan of yours from day one, we’ve had a bit of banter on Twitter (@patrickgde3). I’m an Englishman living in Portland, Oregon.

I’ve had a theory from episode 1, one that I THOUGHT was even more confirmed after watching this week’s episode.

I write this as I listen to your Instacast, and you may have just blown my theory out the water.

Maybe, But here goes.

Theresa is a host. Yes she’s a corporate messenger type, but hear me out.

I started to think this when she was interacting personally with Bernard in the first few episodes. Scenes after they’ve slept together (as we’re led to believe), Theresa was always ice cold with Bernard, almost to a sociopathic level.

Westworld Theresa Theory
Westworld Theresa Theory

In episode 4 she’s having dinner with Ford talking about Ford’s new narrative. Ford says theres been “more before her”. This led me to believe Theresa has been reprogrammed a lot of times.

In the same conversation, Theresa said she’d been to that restaurant before as a child and tried to remember where she sat. This vague patchy type of memory seems consistent with how other hosts try to articulate their own memories. And Ford’s reaction seems consistent with the smug appeasing look he gives when really he knows something isn’t true. (below) [Inline image 1]
This whole scene is SCREAMING she’s a host, and he knows it. Why would Ford have a corporate host? So he can drip feed EXACTLY the information he wants to the board. You notice how Ford is always on the brink of being fired/replaced?! Thats because he is controlling Theresa and the info she tells the board. He loves it, he’s playing with the board!

Skip forward to episode 5, Bernard and Theresa discuss that Ford knew about them, and Theresa calls off their romance. Why did she do this? Because she’s a host and Ford programmed her to.

I was convinced of this BEFORE this Sunday’s episode, before we got the big HOLY SHIT reveal with Bernard. When Bernard “killed” Theresa I was convinced even more she was a host.

“She’s a host!! They’ll just patch her up and put her back to work”, I thought.

The final red herring that Theresa IS a host is the fact she smokes and no other character does. Having a host smoke is the perfect smokescreen (no pun intended).

So… Bernard is host, this we know now. Ford might be killing real people and replacing them hosts. This is yet to be fully determined. (Did Ford kill Theresa months/years ago and replace her with a host?)

But, could Theresa be a host? Ford is controlling the information the board are getting, and the romance with Bernard is nothing more than Ford’s disturbed mind entertaining himself?

I’m in deep, send help. Patrick

Three Timeline Theory

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Hi guys,

I love your podcast and the fact that you include an episode each week to read and discuss the theories of your listeners.

I am completely sold on theory that there are at least two timelines, but after the most recent episode I actually think there may be three, all of which center around Dolores. I am also convinced that Bernard is the robot version of Arnold, which is where the third (technically first timeline) comes from.

The way they set up the end of the third episode/beginning of the

Three Timeline Theory
Three Timeline Theory

fourth, we see a sequence of events indicating Dolores goes against her promise to Bernard to stay in her loop by shooting Rebus and running into Williams arms. She is then interviewed by Bernard in the middle of the night before waking back up with William to start her journey toward the maze. However, I think these events occurred at separate times and are being shown to us as Delores remembers her past.

My theory is the three timelines are:

  1. 34 years ago: Dolores become conscious for the first time, indicated by her conversations with Bernard/Arnold
  2. 30 years ago: Dolores runs from her loop and develops consciousness while with William
  3. Present day: Dolores shoots Rebus and begins developing consciousness again while on the run

To focus on the first timeline, the conversations between Bernard/Arnold and Dolores show him becoming more fascinated and conflicted by what’s happening with Dolores. In episode three, he debates whether he should change her back, before ultimately deciding not to and asking her if she will stay on her loop. The very next time we see them together, she is upset, having just witnessed her parents being murdered. This conversation takes place in a room that looks a lot like the room Theresa was just murdered in, which Bernard isn’t supposed to be able to see/find on his own, but human Arnold could have used in the early days (more on the room later). During these conversations there are small hints that Bernard/Arnold see’s Dolores as more human than robot, for example he asks, “Limit your emotional affect please.”, “That’s very pretty Dolores. Did we write that for you?” Why be polite to a machine, why question where the dialog is coming from unless you have doubt? In the conversation Delores asks “Is there something wrong with these thoughts I’m having?” and he responds, “No. But I’m not the only one making these decisions.” He goes on to tell her about the maze, but even then he says if she finds it then maybe she can be free. Perhaps Arnold hoped that Dolores finding the maze on her own would be enough to convince Dr. Ford the hosts were capable of consciousness.

Removing these conversations, the Bernard we see in the present day facility shows no indication that he is interested in or concerned with the hosts gaining consciousness. At one point he flat out refutes Elsie’s concerns that there’s indication the hosts are developing their own thoughts by sternly replying, “The host don’t imagine things. You do.” He even references how “he” used to be confused by how real the hosts seemed, but there’s no indication that he believes that now.

To add the final layer of tinfoil to my three timeline theory, I think Delores completed the maze and Arnold brought Dr. Ford there to prove that the hosts could develop consciousness. When she arrived, Dr. Ford commanded Delores to kill Arnold as his proof that she was still just a host under his command. Based on Theresa’s murder, it seems to me, this would be Dr. Ford’s sadistic way of teaching his partner a lesson before he gets rid of the free-thinking human version of his partner permanently.

Going back to the room where these conversations are taking place, I’ve attached three pictures to show the similarities and differences between the rooms. The first two pictures look like the same room based on the glass enclosure and staircase, while the third shows that the room Theresa dies in does not have windows. My guess is that it’s the same room, but Ford later removed the windows to keep anyone who stumbles into that area from peaking into the windows and learning about the secret hosts he builds there.

Thanks again for the great podcast! – Heather

Westworld Ep 7 – Jez

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Hi Guys,

OMG everyone is raving this week… except me. Don’ t get me wrong, it was better than anything else on TV, but it didn’t have the same impact for me. It felt very heavy on the reveal and it left me feeling blah. Where was all the symbolism and subtext? How will I procrastinate with no rabbit hole to fall down?

So not really much to say:

  • Bernie’s a host— no shit
  • Theresa’s dead — saw that coming
  • William = MIB — more confirmation in the William scenes, finding meaning… blah, blah
  • Dolores can draw — big whoop.

A couple of things I have noted, which you may disagree with:

  • Older generation hosts can hear voices, but newer gen hosts cannot. They don’t seem to have the remote signal capability. I’m just going to call it the “Advanced Remote Node for Old Hosts” (ARNOLD) ☺
  • Every conversation that Bernie had with Dolores, he was speaking on behalf of Ford not Arnold (Bernie is new gen according to the drawing)
  • So it’s Ford that is pushing Dolores to find herself or Arnold? … I believe we may have a Tyler Durden situation on our hands.

Some interesting connections:

  • Pendeen, Cornwall is the Westernmost point in England… similar to the place that Dolores dreamt of being the western edge of the park
  • I’ve been saying this is a Romeo and Juliet story… Guess what William’s fiancé is named?
  • Trompe l’oeil is said to originate from the story of a painting contest between Xeuxis and Parrhasius (the latter wins). However, Xeuxis is famed for developing the ideal form of “The Nude”.
  • The train that William and Dolores were on had the number 8 at the front.

The number 8 from the Bible represents new beginnings, a new order of creation. Specifically, it is known to signify man’s true “born again” event.

I refer you back to MIB in Episode 2.

Tarot Cards
Tarot Cards
  • · You could draw parallels with Tarot cards, e.g.

Maybe in the off-season you could pick up some of the references and symbolism in the show. The dialogue is so beautiful and there is so much attention to detail. It would be a shame not to give it some attention away from multiple timelines and Hosthunters International.

Did you get the org chart I sent last week? Hope it helped.

Love from London, – Jez