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Names On Library Books

Hey Guys, I noticed that when Deloris was in the library, she was next to “books” for Charlotte Hale and Karl Strand. In a library that size, they wouldn’t have...


Spotted: Maeve In The Forge

Hello and happy finale! First of all thank you for this companion show to help us work through what is happening and our theories..it truly makes watching Westworld more enjoyable!...


Did Roger Even Watch Lost?

Hey Guys, Umm, actually, I know that the show ended a decade ago and I know this is a fabulous podcast about a fabulous show that’s not Lost, but the...


Dolores At Cocktail Party?

Hey Guys, Am re-watching Vanishing Point. Did Dolores just pass behind Julia at Williams party at the beginning? PS: Highest compliments to the Vonnegut theorist. On the button!! Heather Argyle


I Can Die Happy

Hey Guys, The gang is back together again, Hosts and human harmony is possible with common goal. Save Maeve. #SaveMaeve Crystal Eiswert