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Rorschach Journal Looks Like Turner Diaries

Thought this was interesting. Coincidence? The Turner Diaries, as you probably know, is a white supremacist fantasy novel that details strategy on how to cause a collapse of society. However, it was sold/marketed to the public initially as a “gun rights” fantasy where the people take down the government which...

Adrian Veidt References Seventh Cavalry

Hi gang, I’d seen the movie but never got into the novel until the new series came out. After watching Ep 1 I raced through the book and was very impressed. Really great stuff. The supplementary material after Vol XI might have a link between Veidt and the 7th Kavalry,...

GOT – Arya’s Perfect Career Move

Guys – one of the things (and sadly there were many) that seemed a little out of place for the finale of GOT was the postscript of Arya the Explorer. There existed in medieval Ireland a role called “Aire échta” (pronounced AIR ACT TA). In the common tongue this means...

Sansas Dress

I”d like to add that Sansa”s dress also has a nod to her mother. The sleeves are in the likeness of fish scales. It was so beautifully done. Cassie

Games of Thrones Poster for Season 1

Hey Guys, You might have seen this already in the attached pic, but have a look at who else is sitting on the Iron Throne with Ned Stark on the official poster for Season 1 all that time ago! Thanks for all you do. regards Pete R.


Hey Guys, My friend made this calendar for me in March when we were waiting for the premier. Every day I had a picture to paste on the calendar to mark off the days, as opposed to Xing them out. I should have shared it earlier. Dave in Cali

Game of Thrones Finale

Hi guys, I’ve been following you guys since Westworld beginning of season 2. I wanted to share with you my wife’s theory on this season as well as ask a few questions. My wife believes that every scene where we cut away from Brand talking to a character he gave...

GOT – Bran the Manipulator

Hey guys, Per usual, you’re awesome and I look forward to following along on your other podcasts now that Game of Thrones is over. Anyways, I want to talk about Bran. Despite his seemingly innocent exterior, Bran is the true Mad King of this series and I’ll explain why. Everything...