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Sansas Dress

I”d like to add that Sansa”s dress also has a nod to her mother. The sleeves are in the likeness of fish scales. It was so beautifully done. Cassie


Game of Thrones Finale

Hi guys, I’ve been following you guys since Westworld beginning of season 2. I wanted to share with you my wife’s theory on this season as well as ask a few questions. My wife believes that every scene where we...



Hey Guys, My friend made this calendar for me in March when we were waiting for the premier. Every day I had a picture to paste on the calendar to mark off the days, as opposed to Xing them out....


GOT – Bran the Manipulator

Hey guys, Per usual, you’re awesome and I look forward to following along on your other podcasts now that Game of Thrones is over. Anyways, I want to talk about Bran. Despite his seemingly innocent exterior, Bran is the true...