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Westworld “Phase Space” Maeve and her group help Akane mourn Sakura’s death before they leave via the underground tunnels. Akane and Musashi decide to stay behind. Returning to Westworld, Maeve finds her daughter Anna but discovers another host playing her mother. The Ghost Nation attacks and Akechata asks Maeve to follow him. Charlotte and Ashley bring Peter back to the Mesa and signal for extraction, bringing a group of mercenaries that take over from the Delos’ security team. Dolores and her group use the train filled with explosives to blow their way into the Mesa to look for Peter. Bernard and Elsie return to the Mesa separately and find that the Cradle, the central repository of host data, has somehow hijacked the park’s systems. Bernard uses a host-interface machine to insert himself directly into the Cradle. Within this space, modeled after Sweetwater, Bernard is surprised by Robert Ford waiting for him at the saloon.


Regarding Phase Space

Hey guys, Sorry for writing in late. My name is Jesse. I’ve been a huge fan of your guys from season 1 but I have never written to you guys....


Ai Escape Theory

Hey guys, It seems you were right that cradle scenes are shot in different video format, so my theory from last week is probably incorrect, in terms of time periods....

Westworld Episode 6 Theories: "Phase Space" 1

Westworld Episode 6 Theories: “Phase Space”

Westworld Episode 6 Theories: “Phase Space” First, disenchanted viewers turned their guns on “Westworld.” Now, frustrated listeners are setting their sights on us. From who Elsie actually is, to the...


An Extra Point

Hey Guys, If you go back to my email dated April 24 you’ll see I totally called the Dolores is interviewing Bernard thing!!! Go me!!! I also called Ford uploading...


Tin Foil Theory

Hey Guys, While I was listening to the deep dive I had a thought that is crazy even to me, but it is fun to think about it. What if...


Dolores/Ford At The Piano

Hello again, Probably too late, again, and hope I’m not wearing out my welcome, again, but wasn’t there a scene toward the end of season one when Bernard is realizing...