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Westworld Episode 7 Theories: “Les Ecorches” 6

Westworld Episode 7 Theories: “Les Ecorches”

Westworld Episode 7 Theories: “Les Ecorches”  Episode 7 heats up the Westworld debate as listeners write in to argue Charlotte could be Charlie; Dolores and Maeve are conflicting views of feminism; Angela really could charm the grenade off a...


Mib Spark

Hey Guys, When Lawrence shoots the man in black, there’s a spark. As if the bullet hit something metal. Steven Milazzo


Get Your Tinfoil Out

Hope I’m doing this in time! Hello from The Hague, and thank you, guys! I enjoy listening to all three WW episodes each week 🙂 OK. Here is a potentially very tinfoily thing that I am not sure I am...


Episode 7

Dear ShatonTV, Where to begin? I’m going to try to be positive, since this episode made me feel like I was being waterboarded with Benard. Look guys, not every episode is going to be a home run. I do think...


Angela Is Way More Important To the Plot

Hey Guys, Angela is way more important to the plot than we are being led to believe. 3 host characters interact with humans and hosts on an admin-type level: Lawrence’s daughter, Akcheta and Angela. They are the only ones we’ve...


Let’s Make a Deal

Hey Guys, Let’s Make a Deal: I think MIB is a host. I mean this elderly gentleman has been shot 7 times this season and he is still moving around. I think MIB accuses Emily of being a host because...


Nitpicking Your Nitpicking

Hey Guys, First… I love all your Westworld podcasts. I look forward to and listen to all of them every week. I really wish everybody in my life was talking about Westworld this much. Ok… So… Nitpicking is a given...

Westworld Episode 7 Review: "Les Ecorches" 8

Westworld Episode 7 Review: “Les Ecorches”

Westworld Episode 7 Review: “Les Ecorches” Westworld Season 2 Episode 7 pulled the curtain from the Valley Beyond, so let’s venture there and explore its implications. We’ll tell you where it is, what’s being stored there, and how Dolores can...